Why learn languages?


Open up to the world - new universities, new jobs

Knowledge of a foreign language gives each of us broader opportunities in studying and finding a better, more interesting job. It gives you the opportunity for professional and personal development, because you can easily travel to a country whose language you know. Studying abroad, at universities with traditions going back centuries, could be for you. Working not only in your own country, but a country whose language you know could be an amazing adventure for you. 

Meet new people and cultures

People and their cultures are the wealth of the world. Knowing a foreign language and being able to communicate will help you learn about their diversity and cultures. Making friends through conversation and discovering foreign cultures is a great chance to learn many interesting stories about people and places. It is an opportunity to meet the love of your life. You will better understand the culture of a new country as you learn the language of the natives. 

Change your attitude towards traveling

Traveling around the world, getting to know the locals will allow you to get to places you won't find in a guidebook. You will experience what life can be like from a different perspective. Knowing a foreign language and practicing it in everyday life will give you a taste of the destination and how people think. The more words you learn in a language, the more you will experience the culture and history of the nation you have traveled to. It's knowing a foreign language that will allow you to ask questions about a country's cuisine and experience travel unlike that of with a travel agent. 

Increase the capacity of your mind

Scientists in their many studies have long proven that learning foreign languages stimulates the functioning of our mind. Systematic work with a foreign language, i.e. strenuous and painstaking acquisition of vocabulary will make you improve your concentration ability and memory. The more time you spend learning a foreign language, the faster you will acquire new words and phrases. Your mind will start to become more efficient and will increase your creativity. Research shows that learning a foreign language allows a person of any age to maintain a good memory and keep their mind fit and healthy.

Increase your knowledge about yourself

By learning a foreign language you learn about yourself and your abilities. People who are fluent in foreign languages are more creative, have the ability to think bigger and find it easier to solve problems. You will find that you will increase your speed to adapt to new environments and you will have an easy time getting used to new situations, which are plentiful in our lives. Studies have shown that speaking a foreign language aids in the process of making the right decisions.

Get to know your native language better

It may seem strange to you, but by learning a foreign language you will get to know your language and be able to use it better. Scientists have proven that if you know a foreign language you understand your own language better and you will notice an improvement in all your language skills. The longer you study foreign languages, the better you will get at reading comprehension, listening attentively and memorizing faster.

Benefit from international cultural heritage

Knowledge of foreign languages gives you access to educational materials and foreign literature. Learning foreign languages gives us the opportunity to watch movies in the native language of the director and screenwriter. This allows us to better understand the behavior of individual characters and the message the film conveys. Literature read in the author's native language is also an opportunity to better understand the issues described in the written text.

Stay healthy - learn foreign languages

Scientists have proven that learning foreign languages burns unnecessary calories, which the brain uses for its intensive work. What follows? Our body secretes happy hormones - endorphins!

Learning foreign languages is very beneficial, so learn and enjoy the knowledge you gain.

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