Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime While Developing Fluency in Polish

Applications & enrollment into the 2022 Polish immersion now open!


Dreaming of Visiting Poland?

Tour with a local guide who can show you the hidden gems, while helping you navigate a foreign country and learn Polish at the same time!


The Polish Immersion Retreat

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Travel To Poland, Visit The Best Places

Designed for those who are looking to take their Polish knowledge to the next level while exploring the beautiful country of Poland. The Polish Immersion Retreat is your chance to make unforgettable memories by fully absorbing the atmosphere of Poland with a local native while continuing to learn Polish.

✔️ Discover the hidden gems tourists don't know about

✔️ Feel comfortable knowing a native will help you get around

✔️ Tour beautiful landmarks, explore cities, and dine in authentic restaurants

✔️ Take your Polish skills to the next level


A Vacation Of A Lifetime

 The promise of the Polish Immersion Retreat is simple: to facilitate real growth in your Polish-speaking abilities, catapulting you into a real understanding of the language while experiencing an unforgettable vacation. 

✔️ speak Polish all-day

✔️ tour the country's most beautiful cities

✔️ receive two structured lessons a day

✔️ visit the historic landmarks and unique attractions

✔️ dine in one-of-a-kind, authentic restaurants

✔️ stay in the heart of the cities


A Retreat Tailored To You And Planned For You 

All events and experiences are tailored to the information you provide on your presence sheet. Our team goes to work so you don't have to. Enjoy the beautiful country of Poland without needing to worry about making reservations, planning logistics, or coordinating details.

This Retreat Is For You If...

  • You love to travel
  • You want to see the authentic parts of Poland, not just major tourist attractions
  • You want to continue your Polish Studies
  • You want an experience made custom for you

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The Polish Immersion Retreat Is Application-Only And Spots Are Limited!

Our application process for 2022 registration is now open.