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Are you sick of NOT knowing Polish?

Of mispronouncing Polish words and feeling embarrassed?

Of being left out of conversations?

Of not being able to communicate with Polish friends and family?

Now imagine, 

that never changed.

Because you never made the commitment to learn Polish.

Don't leave your Polish development to hope or randomness!

You can hope to grow, or you can let us build your Polish growth plan.

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Join the 7 Day Challenge: Master the Polish Basics 

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You'll be able to show off your Polish pronunciation in front of your friends and family.

You'll be able to carry out a simple Polish conversation and impress your loved ones. 

In 7 days, for under $40,

You can make real progress.

Abandon the feeling of not knowing anything in Polish and feeling overwhelmed. Our programs teach in an easy to understand way and have been proven to help students feel more confident in their abilities even after their first lesson!

Listen to what others are saying about learning with us...

Michael Jacobs

I learned to read in Polish in less than an hour, which I never thought was possible. Joanna explains Polish in such an easy way to understand. I highly recommend TalkPolish Courses!

Mark Piecha

I've tried Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and none were as effective as this course. I was finally able to learn Polish in a structured way instead of bits and pieces. 

Samantha Lewinski

I have learned so much in such a short period of time. Before I started with TalkPolish course, I was trying to learn independently with Youtube and other free resources. I wasted so much time! When I finally invested my learning skyrocketed!  

Jason Costigan

I never thought I would learn so much before my trip to Poland. I wasn't dreading the language barrier because I knew I was familiar with the language! 

Kim Anderson

I'm finally able to understand what my family is saying! I'm not perfectly fluent yet, but these courses have really increased my confidence in trying to communicate in Polish!

Veronica Lynn

Highly recommend. Joanna is such an enthusiastic teacher. None of her lessons are boring and I enjoy tuning in each class. 

Master the Polish Basics


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  • 7 days of Instructor-Led Videos
  • Over 8 Hours of Content
  • Quizzes After Each Lesson
  • Vocabulary Templates
  • Step-by-Step Explanations

Ready to propel your Polish knowledge?

If you're committed to taking action in learning Polish, this challenge is for you. 

This challenge is not for dabblers or uncommitted individuals.

If you are a Polish Learner with ambition to develop your knowledge, we will see you in the member's area! 

Ready for a Polish Transformation?

7 days to Mastering the Polish Basics will allow you to feel like you've made real progress in your Polish development. We can't wait to help you on that journey!