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You Can Feel Limitless in your Ability to Communicate in Polish.


You can be proud of your knowledge and show off in front of family and friends. 

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We're More Than Just a Tool For You to Memorize Words and Phrases

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Other learning platforms teach Polish through observation and repetition without teaching the language rules. 

It's kind of like driving a car without knowing the rules of the road. 

Imagine putting your foot on the gas and observing cars stop at each intersection without knowing why. 

You might drive through nine intersections before you figure it out. 

We teach you the rules before you "get in the car", saving your time and making learning the Polish language faster and easier. 



The Results Our Students Are Getting Are Also Possible For You:

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David Paul Underwood

I am on chapter 5 and  feel my Polish has improved loads, mainly due to the way Joanna breaks it down and explains it.  So far it has been worth huge money and has helped me improve my Polish. I have been with my Polish girlfriend for 6 years, in which her and her parents have taught me some Polish, however, this course tackles the grammar which is essential. 

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Aby Antochow

I've only just started the course but have been listening to Joanna for a while on her podcasts and she has helped me so much so far. She very clear with her pronunciation and is very slow and patient with her teaching. If you need a boost then this is a great course so far. Thank you so much. 

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Michael Larrison

This course is so straight-forward and easy to understand.
The way Joanna teaches is so easy to follow. She takes these difficult concepts and breaks them down so they're easy to understand. I'm only on module 4 and have already learned so much!

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Pam Owens

My husband and I are taking lessons together with Joanna online and have learned a ton in a short time.

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Kathy Obrian

We bought 20 sessions with Joanna to start with. My two daughters just had their 1st lessons with her and they love her! Joanna made it fun and easy to correctly pronounce words and remember things. I feel like they already learned a lot in their first session. Even I learned a new word sitting in on the lesson and I consider myself fluent in Polish. They worked on grammar and Joanna showed my daughters an easy trick to remember how to properly conjugate verbs. It's like a light came on in my daughters' heads and they both said, "that makes sense." It just clicked. I love Joanna's strategy and visuals. She's great!

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Joanne Balberos

My lesson was great! In just 45 minutes, I feel like I made real headway.

Who is Joanna Tarnawa?

Joanna Tarnawa is a native Polish Speaker originally from Bielsko-Biała, Poland. When she was just a little girl, her family moved to the US which allowed her to learn the English language fluently.

Since she has personally experienced learning a language from zero to fluency, she knows the exact methods needed to teach students Polish in an easy to understand way. 

Joanna has been helping students achieve Polish fluency for over 8 years. Starting in 2016, she saw a big gap in the marketplace: the ability to learn Polish at anytime, from anywhere. That's when she started the Polish Online Course which allows students to learn at their convenience.

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Since We’re Both Serious About Your Polish Knowledge, Let’s Give It A Shot. 

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