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Not only will you know how to read in Polish by your first lesson, you'll be able to carry out a conversation in just 28 days.

We teach you the rules. So you can master the language and communicate comfortably.

No more struggle and strain. No more feeling left out of Polish conversations. No more being limited in your travels. 

Just a sure and simple way to Polish Proficiency.

That's our guarantee. 

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Complete Confidence While Speaking Polish


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How You'll Master Polish

Other learning platforms teach Polish through observation without knowing the rules.

It’s kind of like driving a car. Imagine not knowing the rules of the road and  observing how cars stop at each intersection. You don’t know why they’re stopping. You might drive through 9 intersections before you figure out it out. We teach you the rules before you get in the car.

Learn the rules. Learn the language. Learn to talk Polish.

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What's Possible For Others Is Also Possible For You:


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My husband and I are taking lessons together with Joanna online and have learned a ton in a short time.

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Bridget M.

Very pleased with my lessons thus far! Joanna is well-organized and an extremely engaging teacher. Her approach makes you feel confident and I look forward to all I will be able to learn!

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Joanne B.

My lesson was great! In just 45 minutes, I feel like I made real headway.

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Joanna is amazing! She’s so knowledgeable and breaks things down in a way I can understand! I can’t wait for my next lesson!

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I have had a few lessons now and enjoyed learning with Joanna. She is knowledgeable and patient. I was able to identify areas that I needed to work on with the Polish language because of her.

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Georgene M.

I am very pleased. Joanna is enthusiastic, encouraging yet easygoing. I did not feel rushed. And mostly I didn’t feel stupid.

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Anna K.

Joanna is wonderful! She is very easy to work with, positive and organized. I always look forward to our lessons.

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Joanna really knows her subject and clearly enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge. She is well-prepared, organized and does everything to make you feel pleasant during the class. Her English and Polish skills are impeccable! I definitely recommend working with Joanna!

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Joanna is a wonderful teacher. She is patient, and really took the time with me to get the pronunciations correct.

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Agnes K.

Excellent instructor! She's thorough, organized, flexible and patient with my kids (ages 13 and 10). Highly recommend!

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This is my first ever attempt to learn Polish, and Joanna has been an amazing instructor. I'm learning, I'm retaining, I'm understanding! I'm so happy to be working with Joanna :)

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I've had three lessons so far and Joanna has been great. She's thorough, organized, patient, personable and fluent in both Polish and English. I was skeptical about getting lessons on-line but its been really good.

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Margaret R.

Joanna is knowledgeable, clear and patient. I look forward to our next lesson!

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Really great instructor. She took the time to assess my skill level and then jumped right in, adapting expertly to my needs. We got a lot done in the class and looking forward to the next one.

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Franciszka R.

Joanna was super great with my girls. They loved learning. Due to my youngest age (6) her attention span was not the greatest, However, Joanna turned it around each time it looked we were going to loose my young one.They are looking forward to next lesson.

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Annabelle K.

This year I decided to make a change in the way my daughter practices the Polish language...traditionally she had been going to a “Polish school”. She was in a class size of 20kids and I was concerned she was not getting the verbal practice that she needed. So this school year I decided to think outside the box and hire Joanna. We just finished our first lesson and I know we made the right choice!
My daughter is actually excited to learn polish outside the traditional “Polish school” classroom now. ;)
Joanna assessed her level by playing a quick game of “what do you see in this picture” making it as enjoyable as possible to assess her level.
We are both happy to have Joanna and look forward to more sessions.

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Kathy O.

We bought 20 sessions with Joanna to start with. My two daughters just had their 1st lessons with her and they love her! Joanna made it fun and easy to correctly pronounce words and remember things. I feel like they already learned a lot in their first session. Even I learned a new word sitting in on the lesson and I consider myself fluent in Polish. They worked on grammar and Joanna showed my daughters an easy trick to remember how to properly conjugate verbs. It's like a light came on in my daughters' heads and they both said, "that makes sense." It just clicked. I love Joanna's strategy and visuals. She's great!

The 'Talk Polish' Way

We don't want you to be stuck "learning Polish". We don’t want you to be dependent on our program. We teach you independence and give you lasting results, so you can go out there and truly be able to say "I talk in Polish". 

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Not Satisfied?

No worries! As long as you let us know within 24 hours of your first lesson, we will refund your money! There is no risk in trying it out! We're confident that you'll be amazed with your progress!

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