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Do you know what a podcast is? It is a radio broadcast available on the Internet on demand, which you can listen to when and where you want.  The most effective is listening to podcasts on your phone. Unlike videos, they don't absorb so much of our attention. We can listen to them while driving, doing homework or walking. It is a mine of knowledge that will allow you to drastically improve your skills. 

Efficient use of time

Everyone wants to make the most of their time. If we can do two things at once, we feel that we are managing our time effectively. Listening to podcasts gives us that opportunity because we can listen to them when we are driving, cooking, running, walking and many other activities that we do every day.

As you listen, you feel as if you are participating in a conversation

Listening to podcasts is like listening to a conversation on a topic that interests you. It is a meeting with people who show their emotions, tell their stories, and over time their voice sounds so familiar that you feel like you have known each other for years. So you are waiting for a new podcast to listen again in an atmosphere of friendship on a topic that interests you. It is often the case that you are waiting for another episode to walk with in good company. We walk and listen - oh how pleasant it is.

Mine of knowledge

Podcasts are a source of broad knowledge in practically every field that interests us. Thanks to them you can quickly expand your knowledge. You can find many examples of people who have changed their professional qualifications through podcasts. It is possible. Listen, listen and you will see for yourself how your knowledge will grow in the subject you will be exploring. 

Increase motivation and self-confidence

If you are one of those people who has a lot of enthusiasm in the beginning but it passes with  time, podcasts will support you in achieving your goal and staying consistent. Or maybe, you have people around you who pull you down? Podcasts will help! Listening to interviews with people who have achieved something in life despite the difficulties, raises the motivation that we can do it too. You will find out that others have had similar problems and you will hear how they have dealt with them. You can learn from their mistakes and draw the right conclusions for yourself.

They're making a move

Scientific studies say that people generally do not like to get too tired. Few of us are the type of athlete who likes to pour out sweat every day.  So podcasts can become a cool motivator to get out of the house to improve your fitness and broaden your knowledge. Listening to podcasts is so engaging that often, even though you were planning to walk for 30 minutes, you do it for an hour and still want to be on the move. Because an interesting podcast is simply addictive.


Ready to tune in? Listen to the TalkPolish podcast and learn Polish for free! Practice Polish pronunciation and vocabulary quickly and easily.  It’s the best way to learn Polish for free online with audio!

The Talk Polish Podcast is the quickest and easiest way to get started in your Polish Learning journey!


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