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Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime While Developing Fluency in Polish


Application & Enrollment into the 2021 Polish Immersion Starts Soon!


Tour Poland's Most Beautiful Cities

Experience the best attractions in Poland's destination cities. 

Speak Polish With Joanna All Day

Explore beautiful Poland, and learn all day - what's not to love about this retreat?

Experience An Authentic Polish Vacation

Do you know where Poland's hidden gems are? You'll get to see all the wonderful sights without any of the tedious planning!

"What is the Polish Immersion & How Can It Help Me?"

The Polish Immersion is designed for those who are looking to take their Polish knowledge to the next level. If you want to immerse yourself in the language while exploring the beautiful country of Poland, then this Retreat is for you. The Polish Immersion is your chance to fully absorb the atmosphere of Poland while being taught by Joanna in person. 

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The streets of Poland become our classroom...

...we see the best parts of the country while learning and speaking Polish in its true environment!

The promise of the Polish Immersion is simple: to facilitate REAL GROWTH in your Polish Speaking catapult you into a real understanding of the language while having the vacation of a lifetime. 

Members travel to Poland with Joanna and...

  • tour the country's most beautiful cities

  • speak Polish with Joanna all day

  • receive two structured lessons a day

  • see the best attractions

  • dine in beautiful, authentic restaurants

  • stay in the heart of the cities

Structured Lessons

You will still be able to take advantage of one-on-one structured lessons with Joanna! This allows you to Talk in Polish all day while still learning new concepts.

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Tailored To You

All events and experiences are planned for you and tailored to you so you can enjoy sight seeing, and touring without needing to worry about coordinating details of the trip.

What Others Thought Of The Retreat:

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Paul R.

This trip blew my mind. It was so well organized, Joanna and her team listened to my preferences exactly. I wanted to see all the major city landmarks while still having a good time at restaurants and bars. Joanna chose the best authentic Polish bars and restaurants to take me to. She even had her team plan surprises throughout the retreat! We stayed right in the city centers so I could experience the Polish atmosphere. Joanna hung out with me for the majority of the 7-day retreat, showing me around and teaching me Polish! We spoke 98% in Polish all trip. The immersion helped my skills a ton. By day three we were having more advanced conversations! It look me a bit before I felt comfortable. It's definitely a way different experience immersing yourself in the language. I feel much more knowledgeable with Polish and the trip was one of the best ones I've ever had.

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Klaudyna S.

My girl, Paulina has been learning Polish with Joanna for over 4 years now. She started when she was 10. When Joanna told me about this retreat, I knew it would be a perfect summer trip for Paulina. I was born in Poland and still have family there, and I want Paulina to be connected to her heritage. We booked the retreat and flew to Poland with Joanna. The trip was so well planned - I got an overview of the exact overview of the 7 day trip. It was an amazing experience because I could spend time with my husband during the day while Paulina met with Joanna for the retreat. There were some activities that we all did together. I was amazed that Paulina was speaking with Joanna in Polish the whole time! They also had two hours of normal 'class time' that allowed Paulina to keep learning with her book. Overall, this was such a great trip and well worth the money! 

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Justyna W.

If you are thinking about booking this retreat - book it, because you won't regret it! My Polish Speaking abilities tripled from this trip. Joanna and I spoke in Polish all day. When we were touring the cities, she would point everything out for me and tell me new words, and we spoke about everything we saw in Polish. We had a great time! On my preference sheet, I told Joanna I was a vegetarian and she already had a plan of which restaurants to take me to. I also said that I love walking and she planned the whole trip so that we could stroll everywhere. Her team also planned a surprise concert for me because I mentioned that I love music! I love that this retreat is one-on-one. It was also amazing that I didn't have to plan a thing! Everything was planned by Joanna and her team. It makes it so special and Joanna puts so much thought into creating extraordinary experiences. I highly recommend this experience!

Who is the Right Fit for the Polish Immersion Retreat?

The Polish Immersion is an exclusive experience and learning opportunity. Joanna Tarnawa will be personally joining you in Poland, and tailoring the experience to you.

For this reason, admission is only available through application and an extensive interview process. 

The Polish Immersion Retreat is not right for everyone.  Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help determine if you may be a right fit...

  • you love to travel and want to see the best parts of Poland

  • want to continue your Polish Studies in an authentic atmosphere

  • you are willing to be coachable and have new experiences

The Polish Immersion is Application-Only and Spots are Limited!

Our Application Process will be opening up for 2021 Registration shortly. To obtain more information simply enter your email below.

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