For The Serious Learner:

The Explosive Polish Workshop 

Designed for those who want a condensed, yet exciting, Polish Learning Experience.

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I'm interested in fast tracking my Polish abilities:

Immersion Is The Surest Way To Polish Proficiency

If you feel like one or two lessons a week are too slow-paced for you, then this workshop is essential for your growth. The Workshop is a chance to immerse yourself in the Polish language in the convenient location of Tampa, Florida. 

Fast Track Your Learning

The promise of the Explosive Polish Workshop is simple: to facilitate real growth in your Polish Speaking catapult you into a real understanding of the language while having enough time to vacation in Sunny Florida.  

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Polish All Day

The workshop isn't just a get together learning's an investment in your growth! Attendees spend four hours a day learning Polish in a Classroom setting as well as two hours touring Tampa and speaking Polish with Joanna.

Why Travel to Tampa?

If you've been taught by Joanna before, you know that she does not do boring. So why not have fun while learning Polish? The Tampa Bay Area is adjacent to Clearwater Beach, which the number 1 beach in the United States. Not only will you get to explore a new city with a multitude of craft breweries, restaurants, and entertainment options, but you will also get to immerse yourself in the Polish Language.


Four hours of classroom study

Immersing yourself in Polish is a sure way to speed track your understanding of the language.

Two hours touring Tampa

The best way to use a language is practice talking in a casual and fun setting. Tour Tampa with Joanna while conversing in Polish!

How Does It Work?

You will get to utilize your language skills in the real world. Joanna will be with you every step of the way, which will build your confidence in communicating with Native Polish Speakers.

In order to tailor the workshop to each student's level of knowledge - only one-on-one workshops are available. There is a choice of a 2-day or 3-day workshop, based on your preferences!


Who is the Right Fit for the Explosive Polish Workshop? 

The Explosive Polish Workshop is not right for everyone.  Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help determine if you may be a right fit...

  • you want to take your Polish Skills to the next level

  • you are able and willing to have a fun, yet intense learning experience

  • you enjoy traveling to new cities

There Are Only A Few Workshops Held Each Year

Admission is through application only. 

Ready for Massive Growth?

Apply below. 

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